Find out How You Can Control Reposting on Portcake

Many businesses leverage on staffs’ contact lists and connections by getting them to post about the store and brand with their personal social media accounts.

This helps the business grow its network through its staff, increasing brand awareness and outreach.


Managing individual staff accounts alongside a main business account can be a real hassle!


Portcake allows you to connect your staffs’ individual Instagram accounts to a single Google My Business account.

Specific keywords can be set which your staff can #hashtag or @mention in their post or Story if they want it to be automatically reposted to Google My Business.

Now your staff members on the ground or in the office can help contribute to your social media management and provide snippets into your daily business operations!

Take a look of the following video to see how easy it is to control reposting using PORTCAKE Dashboard.

PORTCAKE is an exciting new solution that shares your Instagram uploads automatically with Google My Business.

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